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TV polica Authentico

4,983.20 Kn

Traditional material supporting contemporary technology – Solid wood provides a home here for modern appliances and contrasts stylishly with their high-tech look. In spite of its stately, traditional appearance the modern lines of this cabinet enable it to harmonise with our modern, technological age and to accommodate the latest high-tech TV. There is no contradiction between modern technology and this age-old material with its craftsmanlike finish. The Authentico TV cabinet is a stylish match for 21st-century appliances. At the same time the cabinet manages to radiate a homely atmosphere, as do all the other articles in the same furniture series.

Material: sheesham, touch up with stain, water lacquer, steel brushed pewter optic

Measures: 0.6 x 1.5 x 0.55 meters

Weight: 54.18 kg

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