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Stolica Slim Palm Leaf

1,335.20 Kn

Design and comfort unified in a chair – Solid beech legs and a palm frond pattern are the main features which make up the aesthetic appeal of the Econo Palm Leaf chair As you sit on its comfortable upholstery you can dream of palm fronds wafting in the breeze, because this chair has the comfort of an armchair and provides comfortable seating even during the longest evenings. You will enjoy sitting on the polyester and viscose fabric with its attractive palm-look pattern. And once you re comfortably seated on this stylish chair you won t want to get up again, thanks to the cosy support provided by the upholstered backrest and soft seat. Time will go by in a flash as you sit in comfort.

Material: cover: 53% polyester, 47% viscose, frame: beech, polyurethane foam 30kg/m³
seat height: 49cm

Measures: 1 x 0.48 x 0.47 meters

Weight: 8 kg

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