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Stolica Forum Wood Red

1,079.20 Kn

Stylish chair with armrests in the Bauhaus style – A chair which looks as if it comes from a different world. Together with the prestigious Weber design studio we have revived the cup chair in new splendour and new functionality. In addition to a more streamlined, elegant shape we also took ergonomic factors into account in creating the chair. A piece of furniture with the potential to become a classic of tomorrow. True to the original design, wooden legs combine harmoniously with the shiny red seat. Available in various colours. Max. load: 100 kg. Legs made of beechwood and iron, seat made of ABS.

Material: frame: beech wood, steel, seat: ABS plastic
seat height: front 46cm, rear 42cm, -width: 37cm, -depth: 45cm

Measures: 0.79 x 0.605 x 0.53 meters

Weight: 4 kg

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