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Stolica Forum Wood Blue

1,079.20 Kn

A beautifully shaped chair in an accomplished design – We have created this attractive chair in cooperation with the prestigious Weber design studio. We gave the good old PVC cup chair a more streamlined, elegant design and also integrated ergonomic criteria. We were not deterred by the high moulding costs involved in such a project, and the result was a classic of tomorrow, created with passion and skill. This armchair in the Bauhaus style was created by Andreas Weber. The wooden legs harmonise stylishly with the shiny blue seat in an original design. Available in various colours. Max. load factor: 100 kg.

Material: frame: beech wood, steel, seat: ABS plastic
seat height: front 46cm, rear 42cm, -width: 37cm, -depth: 45cm

Measures: 0.79 x 0.605 x 0.53 meters

Weight: 4 kg

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