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Stolić Manufaktur

2,959.20 Kn

Urban coffee table for loft lovers – The Manufaktur series combines the warmth of robust materials with plain, industrial modernity and urbane chic. An extraordinary, innovative, powerful dream world for loft lovers. The coffee table features detail-rich lettering and a mixture of materials, ensuring that it will be the focal point of every apartment. Thanks to its customers this original coffee table gives the impression that it is ready at any time to offer its services. Always on the spot, always enchanting. The lower section offers practical storage space for books, magazines and other bits and pieces.

Material: MDF painted, steel deco castors (not movable)
table top: 24x100x100cm, castors dia 14,5cm, not movable

Measures: 0.4 x 1 x 1 meters

Weight: 24 kg

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