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Sat stolni Flow Pop

95.20 Kn

Time trickling three-dimensionally with a trendy look – The liquid design of the Flow Pop table clock tells the time across corners. A really original clock which is inspired by the high art of surrealism. Its surreal component turns this designer clock into an object of a special kind in two senses of the word. Time art, so to speak. Nobody will be able to resist the clock’s fluid beauty and jazzy colours, making a quick glance at the time an aesthetic experience. These clocks are also offered individually under 340451, 340452, 340453 and 340454.

Material: ABS, polystyrene, excl. battery 1x AA, 1,5V

Measures: 0.18 x 0.12 x 0.13 meters

Weight: 0.2 kg

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