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Polica Autehentico Multitask 150

3,007.20 Kn

Multitasking-capable and beautifully shaped – The Authentico Multitask 150 unit is shelving of an original kind. Traditional forms have been deconstructed and transformed into a new formal treasure. And the old forms have not just been redesigned, the result is also extremely practical, enabling a wide diversity of things to be presented in the stylish setting of the shelving. The nine compartments of varying sizes provide lots of storage space for books, decorative articles and lots more. The Authentico series is human and emotional. It contains a wide range of articles for the living room, bedroom, the dining room and the office.

Material: sheesham, touch up with stain, water lacquer

Measures: 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.25 meters

Weight: 26.83 kg