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Mirror Cristals 60×80

759.20 Kn

Glamour and gloss A mirror with crystal elements – Girls like Marilyn Monroe have always known that glamorous stones have a magical attraction. Sparkling materials have always had an irresistible radiant power. And not just real diamonds but also those made of glass and acrylic, which are of course more affordable. This is why it was an obvious choice to use these sparkling elements to create a mirror. The result is this exciting, beautiful frame. Divas, princesses and glamorour girls will rave about this irresistible mirror. The countless crystals ensure that it will catch every eye. Your own reflection will shine just as beautifully.

Material: MDF, acrylic, steel, glass

Measures: 0.6 x 0.8 x 0.02 meters

Weight: 7 kg

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